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What Our Clients Have To Say

I have had numerous purchases with Tom James and have used Melissa Smith as my go-to person. She was creative, current in her styles and a pleasure to deal with. I have found the product to be of the highest quality and the orders were always ready when they were promised. I would recommend using Melissa for all your custom clothing needs!!'

Clothier: Melissa Marzuk

Melissa Marzuk

A lot of my co-workers are men and they seem to have gotten the memo quite early in their careers that custom clothing is the way to go. I started working with Tom James about 4 years ago and it's changed my entire wardrobe. It's changed how I feel, it's changed my level of confidence, I feel so much more comfortable and it's great to just be able to focus on my job and have people focus on what I'm saying to them and not on what I'm wearing.'

Clothier: Tiffany Popson

Tiffany Popson

Since my soon to be husband ... already had a beautiful navy custom suit from Tom James we decided to work with Heather to help dress all the guys for the wedding in Tom James. I never once worried as she coordinated all the fitting appointments with each of the groomsmen which was a great relief for me being that my schedule was very hectic planning the wedding itself. Every single person at the wedding complimented the suits and the fit. They loved the entire look of our group of guys. We could not be happier with our choice. Heather ... genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to look and feel their best.'

Clothier: Heather Mielcarz

Heather Mielcarz

Caroline has made me look great and has a marvelously positive and subtle way of helping mature my fashion choices.'

Clothier: Caroline Norcia

Caroline Norcia

I got to take my hat off, not only are you a great sales man but you deliver crisp products time after time! A tailor follows measurements and has no idea what the person look like- you are the one making sure that the cut and details are perfect for each individual. The shirts I got a while back are so sharp, and today I got my suits and you killed it!'

Clothier: John Kardos

John Kardos

I think the problem I struggled with most was having too many clothes, but none that were really great quality. Tom James offers quality and also versatility. So obviously pieces are all very high quality but also you get a wonderful blazer you can wear with a dress, you can wear it with slacks, you can wear it with jeans. Now I have fewer high-quality pieces that I can wear in many different contexts.'

Clothier: Tiffany Popson

Tiffany Popson

I've been wearing bespoke clothing for over 12 years now. I have been overwhelmed by the choices and the fabrics presented to me by my Fashion Goddess, Arianna Ferraro. She has really stepped up my game and it is so evidenced by the wide eyed looks and high compliments I receive on my suits, shirts, socks and ties.'

Clothier: Arianna Ferraro

Arianna Ferraro

Melissa has great taste in clothing and will make sure you like how you look. I would highly recommend her as someone to go to for advice and custom clothing services.'

Clothier: Melissa Marzuk

Melissa Marzuk

I have been a client of Arianna Ferraro and Tom James for about 4 years. I could not be happier with the level of service and professionalism she has provided me over the years. I wear a lot of suits and every purchase I've made from Tom James seams to stand out among the rest!'

Clothier: Arianna Ferraro

Arianna Ferraro

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