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How to Look Good on a Virtual Call

Make the Right Impression By Dressing the Part
By: Michele Stephens
April 7, 2020

WFH – Work from home. It’s our new norm, right? The wise company has pivoted its face-to-face interactions to virtual and our new normal now means we are inviting our co-workers and clients into our homes.  Are you ready? With a little planning and forethought you can make this pivot without sacrifice. When you consider your commute just got cut to :15, you might embrace those adv...  Read More ►

5 Cornerstone Elements of Building a Professional Wardrobe

By: Zach Trimble, Clothier
February 11, 2020

Your professional wardrobe influences how you are perceived by clients, partners, and employees. A wardrobe anchored in cornerstone suits, jackets, trousers, and shirts, creates a memorable distinction to your image. When you wear high-quality fabrics perfectly fitted to your body, others notice that every element has been carefully considered. Your jackets are tailored to provide a flawless silho...  Read More ►

What Is Power Dressing?

How Power Dressing Can Improve Your Performance at Work
By: Sterling Woerner, Clothier
February 11, 2020

Power dressing is achieved by wearing high-quality fabrics perfectly tailored to your body with carefully chosen accessories that result in a cohesive look from head to toe. Combined, these elements display a mastery of your wardrobe.  While the term ‘power dressing’ became popular in the 1980s when stockbrokers and salespeople were glorified by Hollywood, the concept goes back mu...  Read More ►

How to Recognize a Perfect Fit for Your Professional Clothing

5 Ways to Tell Your Clothes Fit Properly
By: Zach Trimble, Clothier
February 10, 2020

If you’re like most men, you believe your professional wardrobe fits well enough, but doesn’t impress others or enhance your image. You never receive compliments about your attire, reinforcing your apathy toward your wardrobe. In fact, you may even believe that you will never achieve a perfect fit and assume your jackets will always bunch or your shirt collars will always be too snug....  Read More ►

How Much Did You Actually Spend on Your Clothing?

5 Reasons You're Overpaying For Your Clothes
By: Rebecca Garsys, Clothier
January 16, 2020

When we meet with new clients for the first time, we always ask about their closet. No, we’re not looking for skeletons. Instead, we seek a complete understanding of the clothing they need for their professional and personal lives. We ask about their wardrobe and style. What clothes fit the best? Which are their favorite outfits? What percentage of their wardrobe are they currently wearing?...  Read More ►

5 Ways the Tom James Experience is Different Than the Department Store

By: Rebecca Garsys, Clothier
December 13, 2019

The first time we meet with customers, they often ask, “What is the Tom James Experience?” We take great pride in answering this question. We explain that there are aspects of our personalized service which remain consistent across all our clients: convenience, high-quality fabrics, and custom clothing crafted to your exact measurements. However, the specific benefits our clients find...  Read More ►

Want to Look Great but Don't Have the Time?

By: John Talley, Director of Merchandising
December 13, 2019

Does this sound familiar: you walk into a department store looking for a suit for a specific occasion. Maybe you have an important business trip and your go-to navy suit is at the dry cleaners. Or maybe you have an upcoming speaking event and you realized your favorite suit looks a little worn. Perhaps you have recognized this gap in your wardrobe for a while and procrastinated until the last minu...  Read More ►

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Custom Suit

By: Herb Melton, Clothier
December 12, 2019

  One of the best ways to make a good first impression is with a beautiful, well-made custom suit because it is perfectly designed for your body. The lapel is gentle and firm at the same time, the collar perfectly contours to your neck, and the shoulders are hand-stitched to account for the slope of your shoulders. Once you’ve decided to embark on the journey of a custom suit and once y...  Read More ►

The Anatomy of a Suit

What's Hiding Behind Your Lining?
By: Tim Cornell, Clothier
November 25, 2019

  The suit has helped men distinguish themselves with certain levels of professionalism, formality, and elegance since the 19th century. There is no other article of clothing that has been more valuable for royalty, military and gentry alike in creating a positive impression! But are all suits alike? While most will have a collar, lapel, sleeves, buttons and pockets, that’s where the si...  Read More ►

What's the Difference Between a Sport Coat, a Blazer and a Suit Coat?

By: Tim Cornell, Clothier
November 13, 2019

  Building a versatile wardrobe that projects competence, leadership, and professionalism in every occasion is made easier by having a variety of jackets that coordinate with different garments in your closet. When we start working with new clients, we are often asked about the difference between a sport coat, a blazer, and a suit coat. Let’s explore these differences so you can start p...  Read More ►

From Our Clients

"As my business and success has grown it has been a pleasure to work with Christina on my professional wardrobe. I have always taken great pride in my professional appearance, Christina has taken me to another level and I must say I have enjoyed the quality and customized suit and shirts. I look forward to continue working with Christina and recommending her services to other professionals."

Custom Clothier Christina Murray

Christina Murray

Tom James of Tampa

"Just acquired a couple of new suits through Ben. Very pleased with the quality, cut and fit - immeasurably better than off-the-rack and very well finished. Ben was very professional and, having bought high quality suits in the past, these are as good as I have seen (if not better in some of the attention to finish and detail)."

Custom Clothier Ben Mayer

Ben Mayer

Tom James of Germany
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