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How to Dress for Your Body Type

By: Dave Christopher, Clothier
November 13, 2019

  If you’re like most men, you walk into a store on a tight schedule, browse through limited options, find items in your size, and try them on. From those, you select the ones you like best and have the sales associate mark the hem and any other needed alterations. Typically, you won’t have time to consider current styles and trends or how these items will fit into your current wa...  Read More ►

How to Dress Professionally in the Casual Workplace

By: John Talley, Director of Merchandising
October 23, 2019

  It was like being on the set of Mad Men. For years, the workplace dress code called for a dark suit, white shirt, and a dark tie. Executives and lower-level managers alike sported that uniform, which stayed the norm until the tech boom of the late 90s. Enter the black t-shirt and jeans. And, with the increase in entrepreneurship over the past two decades, the casual trend has only increase...  Read More ►

5 Compliments You Hear When You Wear Made-To-Measure Outfits

And why they are so important
By: Brianne Porpora, Clothier
October 23, 2019

When was the last time you were complimented on your clothing? If you’re like many professionals we meet, it may have been a while. Especially as workplaces tend more toward casual, it’s likely you leave for work in an outfit that isn’t going to start any conversations or garner any compliments. When you dress well, people notice. They compliment you. While increasing your compl...  Read More ►

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