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Designed for a clientele that desires the highest level of quality and fit, a 100% hand-stitched Oxxford garment is the standard in custom apparel, delivering bespoke products so perfect you will never want to wear anything else.

Every stitch in an Oxxford garment is done by hand. The 18,000 and stitches needed to create this garment allows it to move effortlessly with the wearer.

Created to your exact measurements, your Oxxford suit, sportcoat or trousers will fit like no other garment in your wardrobe.

We Save You Time. Our Clothiers Meet You In Your Home or Office at your convienience and take the measurements to create your personal pattern.

The Highest Quality Bespoke Suits

Our flagship brand, Oxxford Clothes, is the last manufacturer left in the United States that still tailors suits by hand. It is the standard by which all other men's tailored clothing is judged.

In 2016, Oxxford Clothes celebrated its 100th year of providing fine tailored menswear to the world’s most discerning clientele.

The motto of America's most iconic clothing brand says it all: "Always Be Faithful to Quality."

Oxxford Clothing for Tom James Company

Concierge Clothing Service

To accompany the feeling that only a hand-sewn suit can bring, our highly-trained clothiers work with you to ensure your measurements are perfect and that your garment fits exactly how you want it to.

Our clothiers come to your home or office at your convenience to work with you on the best solutions for your wardrobe.

Speak with a Clothier in your area.

Get Started Today!

Learn more about our product & services from a world-class clothier and see if a professional wardrobe service fits your lifestyle.

If we're a good fit, our clothier will meet with you in your home or office at your conveinience.

We use your zip code to align you with the nearest Tom James Clothier. We use your email and phone number to contact you and schedule your wardrobe consultation. See our Privacy Policy for details.


"Keith Brown is a trusted professional who has provided me with high quality clothing and expert advice for years. His services save me a tremendous amount of time."

Custom Clothier Keith Brown

Keith Brown

Tom James of Charlotte

"Great knowledge on his products. He will go the extra mile, making sure your garments are exactly what you ordered. After the sale, he will check in with you, making sure the garments are exactly what you expected. If anything needs to be altered, fixed, or changed, he will stop by and ensure it gets completed. Give Evan a call and you will see why I recommend him."

Custom Clothier Evan Miller

Evan Miller

Tom James of Jacksonville
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